How Acabo CC Started: A Powerful Message From A Former OFW In Kuwait

How Acabo CC Started: A Powerful Message From A Former OFW In Kuwait

I can still vividly remember that day, six years ago, when I stepped onto the scorching sands of Kuwait. Full of youthful energy, dreams, and a heart hungry for creative exploration, I embarked on what would turn out to be the ride of a lifetime. You know, it’s funny how dreams take shape – back then, I couldn’t have imagined where this path would lead me.

I was just a young, aspiring photographer, working in an advertising company, fueled by an insatiable hunger to make my mark. I wanted to be part of something bigger, to create visuals that resonated with people, to dip my toes into the boundless sea of creativity. Little did I know, this stint in Kuwait would be the catalyst for a journey beyond my wildest dreams.

I had stars in my eyes – not just the ones adorning the country’s sky but the ones that adorned its stages and screens. I dreamt of working with those luminaries, of weaving their stories through my lens. It felt like a far-off aspiration, a goal reserved for the lucky few. But I was determined to make my own luck.

Fast forward those six years, and oh boy, what a ride it’s been! It wasn’t all smooth sailing, mind you. There were challenges that tested my resolve, hurdles that made me question my choices. But in the face of adversity, I found the fuel to push ahead. Those struggles, they were like ingredients in the recipe of my journey – they added flavor, depth, and character to my story.

With my two beautiful Ate (sisters) Mariam Jalandoni and Maarij Ayjani in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 2017.

Leaving Kuwait was a tough decision, but deep down, I knew it was time. A promise I made to myself echoed in my mind – a promise to build something of my own. A place where creativity roams free, where dreams take form, and where fellow Filipinos could find a platform to shine. And so, with unwavering determination, I set out to build Acabo CC (

Acabo CC isn’t just a business endeavor for me. It’s a vision that keeps me up at night, a mission that propels me forward, and a testament to what a simple human can achieve with dedication and a touch of audacity. As I build this dream, I can’t help but think about the dreams of others. It’s not just about me anymore; it’s about fostering a community, igniting aspirations, and helping others carve their own paths.

I want to take a moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those incredible individuals I had the privilege of working with in Kuwait. To see your successes back home in the Philippines, building your own businesses, is a joy beyond words. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, for inspiring me, and for being a part of my OFW story.

Six years from now, as I glance back at this very moment, I hope to see that little dream transformed into a tangible reality. I hope to see Acabo CC not only as a creative hub but as a beacon of empowerment, a testament to the power of dreams nurtured with passion and grit.

To all the dreamers out there – whether your dream is as small as a whisper or as grand as a symphony – remember that challenges are just stepping stones, pushing you towards your destination. Stay hungry, stay passionate, and always believe in the magic of your dreams.

So, here’s to the dreams that shine bright, no matter how dark the journey might seem. To the dreams that keep us awake at night, to the dreams that drive us to become more than we ever thought possible. And to all of you, fellow dreamers, I say, “Padayon lang, Pre!”


Syed Qassim Acabo 😊

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Aeon Ph – Our Partner Family

Aeon Ph – Our Partner Family

Introducing our partner family!

In hopes to better amplify the visions we have at Acabo CC, we welcome an official member of the family – Aeon Ph. This year, 2020, the acquired partnership means stronger force, braver mission, better services, louder voice – and all this means great opportunities.

 Better. Stronger. Together.

The year so far has been good to us, and the good visions we see at the start of the year signifies brighter path ahead. We have laid the plans out and everything is set. The race has been opened!

aeonph x acabo cc partnership

Who is Aeon Ph?

AeonPh takes pride in providing jobs to talented and skilled digital nomads over the years. Digital nomads who are passionate about offering excellent services to our clients, and in turn, provide support for themselves and for their families.

Since it’s inception in July 2016, Aeon PH has helped Filipino online freelancers land an online job. A feat that we are proud of since the primary company goal is to be a community of support to those who aspire to have the luxuries of working from home, like working while still finishing their studies or still being able to take care of the kids.

Aeon Ph’s primary goal is to provide remote assistance through offering a wide range of services and business solutions to clients matching their needs with the appropriate virtual assistants.

We call ourselves a family. And Aeon stands by its name which technically means, “indefinite and very long period of time.” From this point of focus, the company aims to provide long term support to clients and long term projects for its freelancers.

  • A – for adventure. It aims at promoting the holistic well-being of its employees, understanding that its employees can be digital nomads and can create wild adventures while still being productive.
  • E – means efficiency. We strive to create a culture of efficiency to deliver customer satisfaction at optimum quality.
  • O – because we provide opportunities. We believe that the more we help people on providing opportunities the more we acknowledge their skills and talent, and the more people will grow as an individual.
  • N – Nurture. We want every member of the family to have a sense of belongingness. We are here to nurture, guide and teach online freelancers to bring out the best in them.

To know more about Aeons and to take part in the call to empower your creative spirit or to become an agent of its principle, please meet Maebel D. Bugahod – the superwoman behind Aeon Ph. Direct messages are also welcome on Facebook messenger.

Why Partnership?

Acabo Creatives Co and Aeon Philippines share the same vision but offer different expertise. ACC focuses on the design and development of digital products. Aeons are hardcore marketers. Two forces fused in one serving a common purpose -to offer quality products and services and provide opportunities.

Back in 2017, Maebel and I talked about merging our visions to create an impact. And today, we’re in it.

I personally hope and pray that the Almighty may bless and guide the good desires of our hearts. And may this partnership be an instrument to the goods of our intentions. I am beyond grateful to all the beautiful people who trusted us and helped us to achieve all that we have now.

To the family…

Members that formed the pillars of Acabo CC x AeonPh, Clint, Mommy Romina, Nicole, Paul, and all the people behind the force of the family, thank you so much. No words can express how grateful I am to have found you, guys. Your effort, your sacrifices, your time, your understanding, your everything. Thank you. Shukran. Jazakkumulahu khairan!

I know we have our own individual differences, and each one of us has our own priorities, duties and obligations, but you guys never missed a single chat in the group.

The race has begun and I want all of us in the finish line – one heart. This is Jon, your family. Good morning!

Acabo CC – Our Defining Purpose

Acabo CC – Our Defining Purpose

Welcome to Acabo Creative Concepts (Acabo CC! It is with great pride that I am writing this very first blog post here at our very own website. I am thrilled and excited to share with you our story and what are our plan that lies ahead of us to the next years and beyond. This is Acabo CC – your family, your home.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston S. Churchill.

We are nothing on this earth but a constant player of a game we called life. Every day we struggle to survive; to win. We define our own paths. We solve our own puzzles. We create our own legacy. All these to remind ourselves the ultimate purpose of why we exist, why we need to survive and why we need to win.

Family is all that matters – the Purpose

We are living in fast-changing environment. The world we know in the past five years is entirely different to the world we know now. People has changed and so the society where illogical standards has become a chosen dogma. Rights has become a nodus. Fame has become a necessity. Employment has become a race. Noted societal status is a divine glory.

We want to break these norms! We are building a family of purpose – where talents are nurtured, skills are honed, voices are heard and efforts are recognized. A family where members are of utmost importance.

We want to create a working environment where the spirit of home is alive. The boss-employee relationship in the corporate employment has to end. The world has changed and so should we.

We are CCers

We are proud to call ourselves “CCers.” The Creatives. The members of the family. The force behind the magics that happened behind Acabo CC. We are creative professionals united to one purpose – to help businesses grow.

We take pride of the diverse professional achievements of the members of our family. With our over 10 years of exposure in digital marketing, advertising, web development and social media combined with our passion to create an impact to the society, our excitement is beyond ecstatic to start a journey with you.

To know more about us, please direct your attention to our About page.

What is Acabo – the definition

Acabo is derived from the Spanish word “acabar” which means “finished or to finish; completed or to complete” or simply “done.” This concept is the core principle of the family. We are focused and outcome-oriented. We value and dedicate time and effort in every projects we’re into. We don’t just start it, we make it done the best way we can.

My friends would argue that it’s because my family name. Well, how can I not admit it anyway? Laugh out loud. But then, it’s not about me. It’s about the people behind it. The bond of the family that we are building. The purpose we share and the vision we aspire.

How do we see ourselves in the next five years

Acabo CC is a growing family. In the next five years, we see ourselves in a long table, united, even stronger. Even bigger! The purpose of helping other creative individuals grow will be even brighter. Five years is too short, but we’ll strive hard to create a long list of achievements, memories, accomplishments, projects. And hopefully more opportunities, created.

Our vision is simple: To provide excellent quality products and services to help businesses grow and to be a home for digital freelancers to grow.

We believe that every individual has a gift of creativity. We don’t want this gift rotten. The world needs creativity, we need to cultivate it to create an impact for individuals to become a catalyst for change.

Our fight

Opportunities in the creative world is endless. And we see that there are thousands of people who are jobless. Why not give this people a chance? We believe every person has a talent and this is why we are here for. Acabo CC aims to nurture creative talents of people who are willing to be mentored, people who are willing to grow, people who want to become part of our growing family.

I have to end it here and in the next post I’ll be sharing more of how we get in to where we are now. This in Syed Qassim, the founder of the force behind Acabo CC. Good morning!

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